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Despite UK job vacancies being at record highs, it still takes an applicant an average of 4 months to secure a new role - with only 2% of candidates who apply for jobs being selected for interview. 

However, finding your dream job and securing an offer that reflects your skills and experience doesn’t have to be hard. From writing an eye-catching CV that stands out from the pile to crafting a letter of resignation that preserves relationships, discover the resources you need to make your job hunt a breeze.

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How To Maintain The Right Mindset During Job Searches

Maintaining the right mindset during a job search can make a huge difference to your chances of landing the perfect role.

Job Seeker’s Guide: Getting The Most Out Of Your Recruiter

Recruiters can play a pivotal role in your search for a new job. Learn how you can get the most out of your recruiter relationships.

Job seeker's guide
4 top tips for writing a CV

4 Top Tips For Writing A Winning CV

A professional and persuasive CV is crucial for unlocking job opportunities - our new guide explains how you can craft a winning CV.

How To Write An Outstanding Cover Letter (+ Free Template)

A cover letter is key for capturing the interest of hiring staff - click here to learn how to write a standout cover letter and download our free template. 

how to write a cover letter
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How To Succeed In Job Interviews - 6 Expert Tips

Click here to discover how you can approach interviews with confidence and improve your chances of landing your dream role. 

4 Common Interview Questions That You Should Prepare For

The better prepared you are for common interview questions, the higher your chances of securing a job offer - click here to learn more. 

4 common interview questions
questions to ask at interviews

The 5 Best Questions To Ask At Interviews

When it comes to interviews, asking questions can be just as important as answering them - here are 5 key questions to ask during an interview.

What can you do when you find yourself in a toxic workplace?

Learn how to identify the warning signs of a toxic workplace, and discover how to escape a negative situation.

how to survive a toxic workplace
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Expert Tips For Writing Your Resignation Letter

Crafting your resignation letter can be tricky - learn how you can write an effective letter that’s clear, concise, and professional.

How To Impress Your New Team (In Less Than 2 Weeks)

Preparing to start a new job? Follow these best practices to ensure that you impress your new team and hit the ground running.

how to impress your new team
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