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How to maintain the right mindset during job searches

Embarking on a new job search is an exciting time - it’s a chance to redefine yourself, boost your earnings, and take a bold new step on your career path.

But job searches certainly aren’t without their challenges.

Going through the highs and lows of applications and interviews can be frustrating, mentally taxing, and emotionally draining.

However, maintaining a positive mindset is absolutely key to improving your chances of success.

A job search is a rollercoaster of emotions, but if you can remain focused, confident, and enthusiastic throughout, you’ll be in a great position to land your dream role. Your mindset can have a huge impact on your interview presence, as well as your ability to bounce back from rejections and hunt for new opportunities.

Let’s examine how you can maintain the right mindset during your job search and prepare yourself for a successful process.

Be prepared for the long-haul

Although it would be fantastic to land your dream role after your first interview, this isn’t usually the most likely scenario, particularly when it comes to senior positions.

Instead, prepare yourself mentally for multiple interviews and technical assessments. A job search is a marathon, not a sprint, so don’t become dejected if your first application doesn’t result in an offer.

Instead, use the process as a learning opportunity, and take lessons from every stage.

Treat your search like a full-time job

It’s common to feel unproductive and deflated during a long job search, but you’ll need to shift your mindset to remain positive. While you may be technically unemployed, treat your job search like a full-time role in itself - set clear targets, work to a schedule, and stay busy.

If you apply the dedication and commitment of a permanent role to your job hunt, you’re guaranteed to reap the rewards.

Stay proactive and optimistic

Try to stay positive during your job search, even if you’re facing rejections. Positivity and enthusiasm are important when you’re trying to frame yourself as a strong candidate.

It’s also important to stay active during your search. Always be on the lookout for new opportunities - reach out to your network, check for fresh job posts, and look for ways to improve your CV or interview skills.

The more active you are in the job market, the better your chances of success.

Be specific in your search - and don’t settle for less

Remain focused on the specific type of job you’re looking for.

Although you might feel desperate after a failed application, don’t panic and apply for positions you’re not actually interested in. You’ll secure your ideal role eventually, so just stick with the process and be clear about your goals.

Work with a recruiter

Tackling a job search solo can be frustrating. It’s not easy to find quality job openings and line up interviews by yourself, and spinning too many plates can quickly become overwhelming.

Fortunately, working alongside an experienced recruiter can be a game-changer here.

A recruiter will offer you constant guidance throughout the job search, helping you to access exciting opportunities, negotiate a better salary, expand your professional network, and prepare effectively for job interviews.

Having this kind of emotional and professional support in your corner makes it much easier to maintain a positive, optimistic mindset as a job seeker.

Celebrate successes (and learn from mistakes)

It’s all too easy to focus on the negatives when you’re searching for a job, but make sure you’re giving yourself credit for the positives too.

Reaching a second-round interview or appearing on a candidate shortlist is an achievement in itself, so don’t be afraid to acknowledge your successes. Plus, don’t obsess over rejections - learn from your mistakes, find ways to improve, and believe in your abilities.

There are plenty of ups and downs involved with a job search, but if you approach the process with a bulletproof mindset, you’ll put yourself in a great position to secure an offer.

If you’re looking for professional support with your job search, advice on crafting successful applications, or updates on the latest postings, don’t hesitate to reach out.

At Barclay Meade, we specialise in helping ambitious candidates to land their dream role with established clients in the engineering and technology markets.

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