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How to network professionally

While your qualifications and experience might make you ideal for a job, knowing people in the right places might actually secure you one, which is why networking efficiently and professionally can be conducive to a successful career.

Face-to-face networking
Prior to attending any networking event, it’s worth considering what kind of questions you might ask someone. Think about what you want to know and why you want to know it. Keep in mind that your body language and mannerisms can majorly influence people’s perception of you, so remain professional, maintain eye contact and speak confidently.

Online networking
Just like personal, face-to-face interactions, networking online is about creating a good impression and building mutually beneficial relationships.

The difference is your personal profile online remains published for all to see so you need to be confident you’re projecting the right image of yourself and providing an accurate representation of your skills and experience.

LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are great platforms to seek information about people, companies and industry news. Networking online can also give you a good insight into job opportunities, and by simply ‘liking’ different companies and ‘connecting’ with different people, you’ve already made progress.

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