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Next steps after redundancy

Although being made redundant is far from ideal, in the short-term it can give you a chance to re-evaluate your career path and consider new challenges.

If you find out your role is being made redundant, read through any documentation that your organisation gives you and make sure you understand it. If you haven't received any, then request it to make sure you're informed about the process. If you work in the UK, you can check you are being offered sufficient redundancy pay using the redundancy calculator.

As part of the process, before you leave, your employer may offer you job-hunting support. If they do, it is worth using the opportunity as it will make you more confident in the next step in your career.

If you decide to search for a long-term role, you may want to consider taking on temporary or voluntary work whilst you're searching. This type of work can help you to learn new skills, network, and potentially lead you to your next permanent position.

Be aware that if you make it to an interview stage, you may be asked about the redundancy. As frustrating as this may be, explain the matter simply and try to sound positive. Focus on the good things from your time at the company - the tasks you achieved, the skills you developed and the relationships you built.

Before starting your job search, make sure your CV is up to date. Read our tips on how to create an outstanding CV here.


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