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How To Communicate Your Value Proposition As An Employer

If your business is aiming to draw and retain industry talent, then you need to provide candidates with compelling reasons to join. That means clearly articulating the workplace benefits, development opportunities, and career pathways that you can provide. 

This is where crafting your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is key.

Your value proposition encompasses everything that you can offer candidates as a business. To create a successful proposition, you’ll need to distil down all of your major selling points as an employer and package them up in a digestible way for prospects. 

A clear EVP will make it easier to attract skilled workers, motivate your employee base, and retain top talent - research even shows that a strong value proposition can lower your turnover by 69%.

Let’s explore how you can refine and communicate your Employer Value Proposition, as well as sell your core benefits to prospective candidates. 

How can I develop my Employer Value Proposition? 

Before you start communicating company benefits to candidates, you’ll need to craft a clear and well-structured Employer Value Proposition.

To start pulling your EVP together, think about the value your company offers workers in the following areas:

  • Company perks and employee benefits
  • Workplace conditions/office environment 
  • Remote/hybrid working 
  • Training & development opportunities 
  • Career ladders and pathways 
  • People culture/communities 

Clarify all of the selling points across your business that may attract new candidates. If your company offers any unique benefits that can’t be matched by competitors, make sure you highlight them - these can be invaluable when you’re recruiting in a busy market! 

Developing a comprehensive EVP takes time, research, and strategic planning. For help with developing your Employer Value Proposition, our sister company Gattaca Solutions can help. Click here to explore their EVP consultancy offering.

How to communicate your value proposition 

Establishing your Employer Value Proposition is great, but it won’t benefit your business unless you begin communicating it to the wider market. Here’s how you can utilise your EVP to differentiate yourself from competitors and engage prospective candidates. 

Summarise your EVP in an impactful way

Creating a visual document that summarises your EVP is a brilliant way to bring your organisation’s unique offering to life. Not only that, but it also provides the best talent in your industry with compelling reasons to join your business. 

This type of document helps to keep business leaders, hiring managers, and recruiters aligned with your proposition, allowing them to share consistent and positive messages with prospective employees. You can also use this document as a storytelling device with your employee base, engaging and motivating colleagues to work towards a shared vision. 

This document could be anything from a punchy one-pager to a short video or infographic - whatever makes the most sense for your company. 

Leverage the right channels 

It’s vital to use the right distribution channels to place your EVP in front of the right people. 

Think about where you can engage candidates at different stages in the recruitment journey, and which sections of your EVP will be most relevant at each point. 

For example, you may want to highlight individual company benefits across social media channels, but upload the complete EVP document on career sites. 

Train your hiring staff to articulate your EVP

Hiring staff will be critical in communicating your value proposition, as they’ll be in frequent contact with potential hires. Make sure they’re 100% clear on every aspect of your EVP so they can highlight persuasive benefits and opportunities that will interest candidates.

The more confident your hiring managers are in articulating your EVP, the better your chances will be of securing quality talent. 

Work closely alongside recruiters 

Recruiters present you with a huge opportunity to expand the reach and awareness of your EVP among candidates. 

Once you’ve established your value proposition (ideally in a centralised document) then make sure to walk your main recruitment contacts through the details. 

Recruiters are effectively an extension of your hiring staff, and will constantly be engaging potential candidates and preparing new applicants. If you want to showcase your EVP and sell your workplace benefits to prospects, your recruitment agency will be key. 

Communicating your Employer Value Proposition is absolutely crucial if you want to attract the right applicants and stand out from competitors. 

If you want to engage skilled prospects and raise awareness of your value proposition, we can help - send us your job vacancy on the Barclay Meade website and connect with the best candidates on the market.

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