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E-payslips FAQ

What are ePayslips?
An ePayslip is an electronic version of your payslip.

Why use ePayslips?
You can receive an ePayslip quicker than a traditional paper payslip sent through the post. Wasting less paper also has a more beneficial effect on the environment.

How do I view my ePayslip?
Go to the ‘Your messages’ section of the ‘Your account’ page. Please remember that the email address that you have chosen as your account login may be different to the email address that you have provided us for ePayslips.

Are ePayslips secure?
Yes. You can improve the security of your ePayslip by choosing a strong password for your account. We recommend that your password consists of:

  • the use of both upper and lowercase letters
  • one or more numerical digits
  • one or more special characters (e.g. @, #, $, etc).

Will ePayslips show the specific time period that the payment relates to?
Yes, the ePayslip will show the week commencing date of the week worked, which will be a Monday.

How will I know that I have a payslip?
You will receive a notification email with a link directly to the payslip on your personal account page.

Can I print my ePayslip?
Yes, the payslip will open with Adobe reader or any PDF reader application and you will have the usual options to be able to print a copy.

For how long can I access my ePayslip?
Each ePayslip is available to download for 13 months.