​If you have continuous, volume requirements of STEM talent, our PartnerRecruit service will 'level-up' your recruitment. PartnerRecruit customers receive a dedicated Account Manager to deliver a range of inclusive added-value services & consultancy. You will be one of our priority customers with whom we maintain a long-term, sustainable relationship.

Recruitment, how it should be done.




Why our clients love PartnerRecruit

Our PartnerRecruit clients love the service because they get a dedicated 'Client Development Manager' who is 100% focused on helping them succeed: a game-changing model for recruitment, especially when high volume recruitment, complex processes and 'the war for talent' are all at play.

The key features and benefits of the service include:


hire engineers

An account manager who does not recruit but instead acts as the conductor – connecting you to our expert recruiters and 100% focused on your success.​

hire engineers today

Strategic priority and investment as one of our key customers with whom we’re committed to an ongoing partnership.

hire engineers now

Greater accountability and commitment to find the talent you need as part of our service pulling resources from across our AIM-listed group to do so.


specialist engineering recruitment consultants

Inclusive access to the best recruitment tech on the market – including candidate attraction tools, video engagement, market insight & more.

screening engineer services

Enhanced support and added value services, including around diversity & inclusion, market insights and employer branding. 

hire the best engineers

Free of charge talent attraction & recruitment marketing services including a ‘Featured Employer’ microsite and branded advertisements on our website​.




How does PartnerRecruit compare?




FlexRecruit SelectRecruit ProjectRecruit - PartnerRecruit -

Who is this suitable for?

< 5 vacancies

Campaigns of 1-10 vacancies

Campaigns of 10+ vacancies

100+ vacancies per annum 

Service lifespan

For each vacancy

For each campaign

For each project


Partnership level

Flexible service – exclusivity not essential

Exclusivity required for each vacancy

Two-way commitment – exclusivity required for duration of campaign

Ongoing partnership – volume recruitment required

Commercial model % mark-up applied to contractor charge rate or permanent starting salary, payable upon successful placement.

Either as % mark-up applied to contractor charge rate or permanent starting salary, or ‘retained’.

We recommend 'retained' or 'payment on milestones' models but are happy to discuss 'payment on delivery' models.

Custom-made commercial models including pay monthly, pay-per-placement, or a combination of the two.



Access to expert STEM & technical recruiters



Access to extensive talent pools of 1m+ candidates



Access to targeted job boards & attraction tools



A fully-compliant, ISO-accredited service



Dedicated support from our expert Fulfilment team



Accountability &


Accountability for vacancy fulfilment*   ​​✔

Bespoke SLAs to meet your needs


Dedicated Account/Project Manager



Tailored project plan to meet hiring timeframes



Performance Reporting & MI




Enhanced Value &


Use of video candidate engagement software


Tailored talent insight report

(Optional) £2,000 per report ​​✔ 1 free report per skill

✔ 3 free reports per skill

✔ Free & unlimited reports

Bespoke diversity recruitment campaigns



✔ Subject to further cost


Enhanced interviewing & onboarding support



✔ Subject to further cost ​​✔

[Client]-branded talent attraction & marketing services

Available as a bolt on at full cost

Available as a bolt on at discounted rates

Available as a bolt on at heavily discounted rates

Available as a bolt on at heavily discounted rates

*subject to further qualification, and adequate provision of vacancy information and timely responses from the client

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