Ultra Electronics is a world-leading group of businesses operating in the Defence & Aerospace, Security & Cyber, Transport and Energy markets, using advanced technologies. It is structured around three divisions: Aerospace & Infrastructure, Communications & Security and Maritime & Land.
Ultra is committed to developing people and securing the talent pipeline to ensure the continued growth and success of the Group, therefore offer a number of exciting opportunities for skilled individuals.

The success Ultra achieves in innovating to meet customer needs, is based on the broad range of skills and capabilities of its employees. It is vital to the continuing growth and success of Ultra that the businesses attract and retain talented and engaged employees. Many companies state that their people are the company’s most important asset. Ultra varies this slightly: the Group’s ‘right people’ are its most important asset.

Ultra defines its culture as the values, role models, processes, procedures and behaviours of its employees which drive the Group’s success. Many individuals join the Ultra team each year, through organic growth, natural staff turnover and acquisitions. Ultra is committed to ensuring that its culture is not diluted as the Group grows. To achieve this, Ultra has identified four cultural behaviours of its people which are highly valued and encouraged. These are leadership, entrepreneurship, audacity and paranoia. Together, they are known within the Group as LEAP.

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