Covering letters

Cover letters are often underestimated. This is your chance to show your motivation behind applying for a job; it’s your chance to get across why you’re an ideal fit for the role. A cover letter allows you to expand on your CV and go a little more in-depth on your skills and career background.

It also gives you a chance to demonstrate your understanding of the employing organisation and how you relate to its values, ethos and aspirations. A well-written cover letter can be particularly effective for speculative applications outside a recruitment cycle.

Top tips for a cracking covering letter:

  • Ensure you write to the correct person with the correct spelling of their name
  • Make sure your own contact details are clearly and correctly written
  • Try to be original and avoid overused statements such as ‘I have excellent interpersonal skills’
  • If incorporating some industry buzzwords, do not overdo jargon which can be off-putting
  • Use strong, positive language, i.e. ‘I am confident that…’ rather than ‘I feel/believe that…’
  • Keep your letter relevant by tailoring it to the individual job role
  • Do not ramble, keep paragraphs short or use bullet points
  • Check and then recheck your spelling, grammar and punctuation

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