Application form advice

Before starting an application, there are a few key things to check; the closing date of the application and any instructions for how to complete it, as some may specify an ink colour or block capitals. It’s also worth making sure you’ve read the job specification carefully so you can make sure your application reflects what they’re looking for.

If it’s an online application, before you begin write some draft answers in a separate document so you can sense check it. Some applications are timed so this will give you a chance to consider your responses fully before you submit your application. Using a programme which checks spelling and grammar will help prevent any errors creeping in. Read through your answers before copying them into the form to ensure they are clear, relevant and honest. Using a clear font and a consistent format will make your application neat and easy to read.

After you’ve completed it, don’t send the application off immediately. Take some time and give it another read over with fresh eyes – it’s also valuable if you can ask someone else to look over it as well. The most important things to check in your final review are your contact details and your spelling and grammar.

Once you’re happy with it and you’ve pressed submit, be sure to save, scan or print a copy of your application so you have it for future reference. It may well come in handy in your interview.

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