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Candidate Attraction

Attracting top talent in specialist fields requires a blend of attraction techniques; from the conventional to the innovative, attracting active job seekers as well as engaging with those who are not active within the job market.

The channels we use indicate our ability to network with active candidates and with those who are not necessarily actively seeking opportunities, and so are only available through these very specific and targeted ways of engaging with industry professionals. Our methods and tools then complement these core activities.

We have outlined below each of the channels, methods and tools we use to engage with the candidates we want to represent and who will fulfil your requirements.

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Candidate Attraction Channels


A high number of our candidates come to us via personal recommendations from both clients and our current candidates. This is a testament to the levels of service and the satisfaction gained from those referring their friends or colleagues to us.

Referrals provide us with one of our most successful methods of attracting quality candidates. We are able to differentiate ourselves from our competitors through our ability to gain these high levels of referrals, as we have access to candidates who are highly suitable and often not actively seeking new opportunities so are not available through other recruitment methods.

Networking and events

We host events to offer our candidate network an insight into current market trends and expand their personal networks. Typical events include roundtable discussions, events and market update presentations.

Our expert recruiters and their individual networks differentiate us in the market, enabling us to represent candidates exclusively. To make sure that we continue to build this network, we also attend industry-specific events and belong to various forum groups. These provide an opportunity for us to work with other industry professionals and attract specialist candidates, who may or may not be actively seeking employment at that time.

Bespoke database

Having a tailored recruitment system, designed and developed in-house, allows us to carry out accurate and quick searches for initial shortlisting of known, relevant and pre-screened candidates.

We benefit from sharing our database with the other businesses in our Group, and we have a vast amount of skilled candidates with transferable skills available to us. In addition, as our professional services database has been built over the past few years, we have an up-to-date selection of candidates.

The use of our database forms the starting point of our candidate sourcing, and its effectiveness and flexibility can reduce the time-to-hire. As the database is constantly updated through daily contact from each of our consultants with multiple candidates, it provides a sophisticated and robust way of supporting your needs.

Memberships to industry - specific institutions

In order to provide our clients with suitable candidates unavailable through traditional attraction methods, we have developed close partnerships with key trade bodies.

These relationships provide us with a variety of benefits which we pass onto our clients including; the ability to attract candidates who are members and are established in their own field, and passing on cost-savings for the use of on-line and print advertising due to our negotiated preferential rates.

Candidate Attraction Methods

Social networking

Our consultants proactively use many networking sites and online forums, giving greater access to jobseekers.

Across the company we have niche Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. As the vast majority of CVs acquired through job boards are readily available via other sources, these sites are predominantly used either when we expect a candidate shortage for a particular discipline, or to further raise employer branding.

Print advertising

We work in partnership with a number of affiliate bodies which provides direct access their members. We currently have advertising agreements in place with ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales), CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), CIPS (Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply) and CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing).

We also have relationships with local and national press in order to advertise senior roles. We work with our clients to create unique candidate attraction models and offer print advertising as an additional, optional extra. This can be jointly branded with Barclay Meade or solely, using only your own company brand meeting your brand guidelines.

Client branded marketing

Working in partnership with our clients, we create and execute effective marketing campaigns in line with their recruitment objectives. Our team of internal designers create the concepts and images for sole or joint-branded campaigns and we are in the preferable position to pass on discounted rates for external advertising campaigns through our print and online partnerships.

We have conducted successful campaigns for Pentland Brands, McLaren and Ageas Insurance.

As candidates understand who they are applying to, in addition to exciting candidates about working for the end client, we find that an enhanced number of suitable candidates apply.

Job boards

In order to ensure that we engage with a high volume of candidates from which to screen, we invest in a range of job boards and databases to both advertise and to proactively search for candidates, a service we offer as part of our recruitment solution with no additional cost.

We have daily alerts in place providing us with early notifications of new candidates registering for opportunities. This enables us to contact them early and reduce the risks to losing those with sought after skills for your own vacancies.

We regularly review the success of each job board and the calibre of candidates we receive, only retaining investment in those with the best results.

Candidate Attraction Tools

Featured Recruiter

Becoming a Featured Recruiter will help us to promote you as an employer of choice and give a clear message of your employer value proposition. It will enable you to attract and engage with candidates who are the right calibre for your business needs and who also understand your culture and values.

As a Featured Recruiter on our website you will gain the following benefits:

  • A microsite about your company: working within your brand guidelines we will design your bespoke sub-site
  • A more prominent appearance on our website
  • The opportunity to brand each of your vacancies with your logo was launched in 2010 to support our professional services offering, the site provides insight into the core areas of our business.

Since the site launched we’ve seen double digit growth month on month with regards to the number of visitors. Though our partnership with leading affiliate bodies we often have referral links on other sites to attract specialist candidates. This increases our exposure to the candidate market.

Search engine optimisation

We employ a search engine marketing specialist to continually maintain our high rankings, ensuring that we have a prominent position in search engine results.

By using a professional service to concentrate on key words we have increased our ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Our internet marketing strategy increases our number of visitors, ultimately attracting additional new candidates to use and view relevant opportunities.

SMS alerts

We understand many of our candidates require a simple service to alert them while they are on-the-go. We therefore create and send SMS alerts to registered, relevant candidates via our database to inform them of our priority vacancies.

Our website offers candidates the opportunity to register details within their own, secure webpage. As part this service, they can also register for automated SMS alerts to inform them of opportunities within vacancy-specific parameters they select.

The benefit of early notification through this reliable method reduces risks of us losing out on good candidates and provides early contact from those who are interested, reducing the time taken to be able to carry out or pre-interview assessments and short-list for your vacancy.